Baby Bedding Needs

Anyone who walks into a baby retail store like Babies-R-Us, or looks at the various Internet websites featuring baby items, can be quickly overwhelmed by all the styles and designs of baby bedding available. Anything a new parent could think of is available in nursery d├ęcor.

Are you looking for animal designs? You can find everything from apes to zebras in bedding motif. Are angels more your style? There are literally over a hundred different styles to choose from. The same thing applies to nursery rhymes. Just think of your favorite nursery rhyme and there is sure to be something available.

There are also many styles available in cartoon and Disney characters. Just about anything and everything is available when it comes to baby bedding needs. You’ll also have access to all the pieces you’re looking for such as bumpers, dust ruffles, comforters and much more. They all match together perfectly and are the most luxurious you could ever want.

It’s easy to see all these things and be tempted to want to buy it all. Parents obviously enjoy all the cute patterns and designs, but your baby doesn’t know the difference. So what does your baby actually need? Here are some ideas to help you in this important area.

If you are buying a bumper pad for your baby bed, be sure all the ribbons and ties are short and on the outside of the baby crib. You don’t want your baby to get tangled or suffocate. The bumper pad is used to protect the babies head from hitting the bars of their crib. There are some who believe a baby can suffocate by pressing their head up against the pad. If you make sure the pad is firmly tied to the crib you should not have a problem with this ever happening.

The bottom sheets have elastic corners and should fit snugly onto the baby mattress. By fitting correctly they should never pop off. This will also reduce the risk of suffocation. You really don’t need a top sheet. Your baby only needs a nice soft cotton blanket at first. Babies do not require any more warmth than we do as adults.

As you may know, a babies diaper can leak at night, so a good sheet protector can be a great idea for a busy mom. A sheet protector is simply a piece of cloth on the top and waterproof plastic on the other side. If your baby has leakage at night you can just take out the wet sheet protector and replace it with a new one.

You can also do this between two fitted sheets if you want to. Put the protector under the top sheet so it protects the bottom sheet. If your baby has an accident during the night, you can easily take off the top sheet and have a nice clean bottom one.

You may want to consider having your baby wear heavier pajamas at night so they will stay warm and not kick off the covers. You don’t want to go out and buy several pairs of pajamas in the beginning for your baby. A couple of pairs will do fine for now.

Consider buying colored baby sheets due to the fact that stains are inevitable. White sheets may look nice, but may not be practical. As far as a pillow goes, don’t even think about it! There is no need for a baby to have a pillow. It is dangerous and your baby can easily suffocate. Babies are not able to lift their heads enough to even use a pillow. They also sleep much better laying flat.

During your baby’s first several months, you will constantly be interrupted during the night. Your baby’s sleep patterns have yet to be established. During this time you may want to consider purchasing a good baby monitor. This can be very helpful in keeping you alert to any possible problems.

When it comes to helping your new baby get a good nights sleep, the only choice of which baby bedding to get should be the one of safety. It doesn’t make any difference how cute your baby bedding is if it doesn’t fit or it isn’t safe. By following these easy tips you can be sure your baby will be completely safe.

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