Baby shower

Baby showers represent the joyous celebration of having a baby. Baby showers are the parties thrown for expectant mothers who are shortly expecting babies. They are generally non-relative in the sense they are usually given by friends or co-workers. Baby showers bring excitement along with loads of gifts for the baby as well as the mom-to-be as well as the people who throw the shower.

Baby showers need a lot of preparation. They should be planned as per the convenience of the expecting mom as well as the cultural and religious traditions of the family. Some cultures do not receive gifts until the baby is born. Some showers can also be planned after the birth of the baby as this enables the guests to have to look at the new born, though generally baby showers are thrown before the birth only. They are usually given 2-3 months before the delivery date.

The exact date and the time can be planned as per the mother’s requirements. The shower can be thrown in anyone’s house (could be the organizers’), at a restaurant, at a reception hall, at an outdoor area like a garden or a park, or in the office. The guest list can be prepared after consulting the parents-to-be and can have the “Guest of Honor”, who can be the grand-parents or God-parents. Baby shower parties can be based on a theme and they can also include interesting games like naming games and baby food games to make the party last for a couple hours. Baby shower favors are also given to all the guests who attend the shower. Baby shower gifts have to be very thoughtful and it is better to give items which would be useful for the mom or the baby.

Now a days, Co-ed baby showers, which include both the mom and the dad, are also very popular. Traditionally baby shower were held only for the first baby, but these days, baby showers are being held for succeeding babies as well. Baby showers for subsequent babies are known as sprinkles. They are generally useful if the second baby is not the same sex as the original child, or if there is a long time gap between the two babies, as the mother may not still have the original clothing and equipment. Baby showers can also be planned for adopted babies.

Planning For A Baby Shower

Who doesn’t get excited when a baby is on its way? Aside from their caring mothers, everyone in the family gets that certain thrill. Welcoming yet another being in this beautiful world comes with a certain joy. So how else can you celebrate a soon-to-be-child arrival? Have a blast with a baby shower party.

Planning a baby shower can be really fun. You can create your own party as you wish. You can either go traditional or put a little humor to your event. You can choose whatever theme you want. Unleash your creativity. The main goal is simply to have your baby shower unforgettable and fun for everyone.

To get you started, the tips below can absolutely help you with the steps of creating that perfect baby shower party for you.

Be prepared
Plan ahead of time. It is best to hold baby showers either on the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy.

Look for a perfect location.
You can opt to have your house or the backyard as your event area. If you have an extravagant budget you can scout for convenient party places which can hold your guests.

Set the right date and time
Be sure to check out your guests’ availability, from there schedule where most of your expected guests can be free. Set a date that could easily fit to their other engagements.

Think of the perfect theme
There are hundreds of baby shower themes that you can choose from. Popular choices are teddies, cartoon themes, or balloons. The possibilities are endless.

Surprise her
To make the party more momentous, you can make a surprise baby shower for the guest of honor. Consult her close and relatives when preparing your guest list.

Impress with invitations
Send out invitations at least three weeks before the event. Match your invitations with the theme of the party itself with the theme of the party itself. Be sure that the invitations contain all vital information like date, time and sketched- up location. Be creative in designing your invitations.


Customized baby shower invitation cards with personal touches are what you need for making your baby shower party a memorable one. A baby shower invitation card sets the mood for your baby shower party. Whether you are choosing formal or funny baby shower invitation cards you must try and make the baby shower invitation cards attractive and visually appealing. The contents of the invitation should be precise, to the point inviting guests to the baby shower party in a catchy way. This is a special occasion and your guests should be made to feel warmly welcome! Make sure your personalized baby shower invitation cards are sent 3-5 weeks prior to the party.

You can use your own creativity, picking up ideas from friends and family members thereby adding a more personal touch to the baby shower invitation. You can buy designer invitations in varied styles and designs custom made according to your choice and preferences! The designer baby shower invitations come in myriad attractive prints, colors, and designs that make these invitation cards more likeable.

A baby shower invitation should reflect the personality and style of the expectant mother. This actually makes it easier for the guests to have an idea as to what sort of gifts to take to the shower party. When you plan out a baby shower party it is usually based on some baby theme. You can create the invitation cards complementing your baby shower theme.

So if you are planning to have a fairy tale theme or cartoon theme for the baby shower then you can order invitation cards printed with popular fairy tale/cartoon characters. You can announce a baby shower with other novel types of baby shower invitation ideas. So parcel a tasty candy treat to the guests and behind the candy wrapper you can print your invitation! You can also send invitations within a miniature baby feeding bottle that promptly depicts your baby shower party!

It is always better to consult the mom-to-be or the new mom for whom you are arranging the shower party. You can get an estimate as to how many guests are to be invited making sure that nobody is left out. Accordingly you can order the correct amount of baby shower invitation cards.

Next you’ve got to carefully post and forward each baby shower invitation to the respective guests. This should be done well in advance before the party. So if any of your invitees are unable to attend the party they can let you know beforehand! Also you can mention in the invitation whether it will be an all girl’s or a co-ed party!

With the perfect baby shower invitation you can make this special event truly memorable and full of fun! The basic wordings of your invitation should include the name of the new mother/baby, date, time and location of the event, RSVP and phone numbers or email address. If the expectant mother is subscribed to a gift registry then this needs to be mentioned in the shower invitation. You can also include a poem/poems to make your invitation more interesting!

Ideas and Tips

Even though guests shouldn’t expect to leave any party with anything, it is always a nice gesture to give parting guests a favor. Here are some instructions for simple and easy baby shower favors that you can make at home. By making the favors yourself, not only can you save money, but the handmade favors can be personalized easily to reflect the tastes of the mom-to-be and the theme of the shower!

Baby Bottles- Even your local dollar store can be a great place to find favor ideas. Plastic baby bottles can be filled with chocolate, candies, Jordan almonds, jelly beans, bath beads or bath salts. Tie some ribbon around the neck with a tag that says “Thank You” with the mom’s and baby’s names on it.

Baby Booties- Filled with candies, wrapped chocolates, gum balls, you can tie these at the tops with ribbons and a tag, much like the baby bottles.

Organza or Net Bags – You can find these in the wedding section of most major craft retailers. Fill with candies, bath salts, chocolates, etc.

Plastic Bottles or Glass Jars- It’s not too hard to find these types of containers. If you don’t see them locally, search online and you can order them in large quantities. Fill them with bath salts, bubble bath, shower gel or even baby powder. You can tie a tag on them that has a cute verse about showering them like they showered the mom-to-be!

Tea Cups- Some baby shower hostesses have purchased tea cups and a flat of flowers and put one flower in each mug for a beautiful favor. A great place to find odds and ends tea cups is at local garage sales and thrift shops. Find some with pretty flowers painted on the sides. You can also fill the tea cups with candle gel and a wick for another fun favor idea.

Flower Pots- With a cute tag telling the recipient to nurture their plant as the new mom will nurture her new baby, you could give guests small flower pots and seed packets or bulbs for tulips or daffodils for them to plant and grow some flowers. If you want to do more, decorate the flower pot with acrylic paints or rub-on sayings or pictures found in the scrapbooking section of craft stores. You can even get a simple foam stamp to decorate them.

Candy Bar Wrappers- You’ve seen those expensive candy bar wrappers you can order, but why not make your own? These are perfect favors for showers that take place after the baby has arrived! Just purchase a large quantity of candy bars from your local warehouse store like Sam’s or Costco and take one wrapper off to measure the size of the wrapper. Now you have a template. Create a wrapper using your favorite software and add special details like the baby’s name, birthday, weight and length and don’t forget to add the parent’s names as the “manufacturer”. For ingredients, try words like “sugar and spice and all things nice,” “love,” “snips, snails and puppy dog tails.”

There are so many ways you can make inexpensive favors that your baby shower guests will really love. Even something as simple as a bar of glycerin soap tied with a pretty ribbon is a nice gift most people will enjoy. Look for sales and clearance items to really save money, but have the look of an expensive gift.

Baby shower favors that you make at home are personal gifts that add a great touch. Not only does it make your guests happy, but it shows the mom-to-be that you care for her friends, too! Have fun making your homemade baby shower favors!

Cake Ideas: For a Great Dessert and Centerpiece

A baby shower is a form of celebration that aims to welcome the newest member in the family. Although baby showers were originally planned only for first-borns, modern practices now allow baby shower parties for every baby that comes in the family.

Baby showers are usually organized and arranged by the relatives and close friends of the parents-to-be. They are a good way to help parents get started with the things that they need for the baby. However, that there are some cultures and religious beliefs that do not consider it appropriate and that it is considered bad luck to have a party and bring baby things in the house before the baby is born.

Over the years, baby showers have evolved into various names, such as the following:

- “Daddy’s shower” – a men-only party for dads-to-be

- “Grandma’s shower” – a party where guests bring baby items (such as collapsible cribs and changing pads) that grandparents can keep at their house.

- “Diaper showers” or “baby sprinkles” – a small-scale party that is usually held for successive children, and ideal for parents who do not need as many items (or gifts).

It is customary for a baby shower to have a theme, to which the entire party centers on. Baby shower requisites typically include games, presents, food and a cake!

A party is never complete without a cake, and this applies to baby showers also.

Cakes are one of the great things about baby showers, and they can be made using various basic techniques, such as the following:

1. All-in-together – this is done by placing the dry ingredients in a food processor (together with the shortening) before progressively adding the liquid ingredients.

2. Creaming methods – this is done by ‘creaming’ butter and sugar together before progressively adding the rest of the ingredients.

3. Rubbing method – this is done by ‘rubbing’ the butter into the dry ingredients before adding the liquid ones.

4. Melt-and-mix – this is done by are first mixing the dry ingredients together, adding the melted butter and the other liquid ingredients afterwards to complete the cake.

5. Sponge-making – this is done by whipping the eggs and sugar into a froth, with the flour carefully mixed in. Making a light sponge requires great skill, as it does not use any raising agent or fat.

Finished cakes are usually enhanced with the use of frosting (icing) or toppings (such as sprinkles).

There are different varieties of baby shower cakes to choose from. Some of them are listed below:

Angelfood cake
Butter cake
Butterfly cake
Carrot cake
Chocolate cake
Chiffon cake
Devil’s food cake
Fruit cake
Ice cream cake
Pineapple upside down cake
Pound cake
Spice cake
Sponge cake

Aside from the cake varieties above, there are also a lot of baby shower cake ideas that can make a baby shower celebration more special:

1. Belly Cake. One great idea is to design a baby shower cake and make it look like a pregnant belly. This can be done by placing a circular cake in front of a rectangular cake and frosting them together to resemble that of a pregnant belly.

2. Toy Blocks Cake. Another idea is to design a baby shower cake and make it look like children’s toy blocks (either one large block or 3 to 4 smaller blocks). Toy block cakes can be further enhanced by surrounding them with candies or little toy cars.

Of course, you can also experiment and try to come up with creative ideas of your own. Bear in mind that the ‘objective’ is not only to make a yummy dessert, but also a great centerpiece that will stand out in the memories of the parents-to-be.

Baby Shower Food & Recipe Ideas

Mediterranean Stuffed Sandwich Ingredients:

Directions: Cut the bread horizontally in half, and hollow the centre of one half, leaving only a thick shell that has a thickness of 1 in.

Thinly slice the vegetables (tomato, purple onion, bell pepper), and layer each vegetable ingredient inside the shell of the bread. On top of the vegetables place the feta cheese, tuna, kalamata olives, basil and capers in that order. Use a bowl to mix together the Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and garlic. Sprinkle vinegar over the ingredients in the shell, and cover the shell with the other bread top. Wrap the stuffed loaf tightly in foil, and let it chill for no less than 2 hours. When ready to serve, cut the loaf into 6 wedge pieces and enjoy.

Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are a fun way to welcome a baby into the world and are great occasions for the parents-to-be to receive the wishes of all their friends. Generally given by friends and co-workers, baby showers are much more than just a party. They provide a chance for the guests to have a get together and maybe even meet the new baby.

Baby shower parties usually last for 2-3 hours depending on the number of guests and the kind of party. They can have any number of guests from five to more than a hundred. It is a good idea to have a few games in the party, as they are a lot of fun and also act as ice-breakers. They are a good way to interact wherein experienced parents can throw in advice for the parents-to-be. There can be two to four games planned in a baby shower and some small prizes to give the winners. However, the main idea is not to win or lose but to be as creative as possible and to make the party as much fun as possible.

A few common baby shower games are the Name Game (forming words with letters in baby names), Feeding Time! (while blindfolded try to scoop cotton balls), Rice Bowl (try to find safety pins in rice while blindfolded), Baby Guests (match each guest to their baby photo), Baby Bingo (bingo with baby words instead of numbers), Shower Gift Bingo (bingo played during gift opening), Round the Tummy (guests estimate size of mommy’s tummy), It’s in the Bag (guess what items are only by touch), Off Limits! (certain action or word off limits during shower), Baby Food Game (identifying baby foods based on their appearance), Scrambled (unscrambling baby-related words), Poopy Diaper (guess which candy bars are melted in a diaper) etc.

Before planning the games, it is wise to have all information about the number of guests who are expected to attend the party. All the supplies required for the games such as pens, paper, and other items have to the ready before the guests arrive. Keep a few spare supplies in case more guests turn up than expected. Small prizes can be awarded to the guests, including candles, potpourri, picture frames, food goodies like candy, bath soaps, and decorative flowers.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

An expecting mom could be the happiest person in the world should she give birth to a little baby. And in the anticipation of the newborn, baby showers are commonly held about three months before the baby is born. It is also possible to hold it after the baby is born. It has advantages in doing that plus it would be little easier selecting gifts if it were held after. But a higher percentage of people hold it before the baby’s birth.

Shopping for baby shower gifts and items could be fun and exciting. You can give anything for the baby, from baby consumables to playthings but choosing the best gift(s) can be very tricky. To assists you in picking, you can check out these suggestions:

1. Buy something that the baby will use frequently. You can buy baby ointments, baby lotions, diapers, wipes, baby power, and other stuff, and place them all in a basket or any appropriate container. All babies use diapers, and no mom can live without it now a days. Most moms usually think this as a practical gift because if they get enough of it from guests, they need not purchase diapers for the baby until after a few months. That’s big convenience and big savings for them. Running out of diapers during the night could be a nightmare. You can also add some medicines and vitamins for the baby. This could come in handy in times of need.

2. Buy something fun for the baby. You can buy toys. Good toys are those that move and produce sounds. Buy something that can be mounted on the crib. Suggestions can be baby tape player, vibrator seats, swings, bouncy seats, high chairs, or walkers. The list is endless. These toys also enhance a baby’s mind development through color, object, and sound recognition.

3. Buy some cute clothes. Although this could be risky since you don’t know the gender the baby will be, or its weight upon birth. Try to buy rompers and shirts in medium sizes. This way you can be sure the baby can wear what you bought at least a few times. Don’t buy clothes that need ironing because that’s added task for moms and you wouldn’t want that, of course.

4. Buy something useful for mommy. Gifts assisting moms caring for the baby is such a good idea. You can buy a baby carrier or slinger. It is very helpful for moms to get some cooking or cleaning done while carrying the baby. A helpful device you can buy is a diaper genie to help keep the smell down from used diapers.

5. Buy something for moms too. True, baby showers are for the babies. But moms, with all the excitement that they feel towards giving birth, can be apprehensive about the idea too. You can give gift certificates to moms from a shop or mall. You can give moms books or magazines about parenting. You can give them coupons from a Laundromat or a professional house cleaner. You can prepare for them a dinner for one night and send it over. Or better yet, give delivery stubs from pizza parlors so in the event dinner can’t be cooked, food can be driven over.



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